Loving the view
I love palm trees! (at Clearwater Beach)
Patiently waiting to be worn
Getting ready for a girls night!!
Art Hill film series with Emily



can you imagine Oliver having to show up at quidditch trials and say ‘anyone who’s here to try out for seeker better go back up to the castle because an 11 year old boy rode a broom for the first time today and McGonagall gave him the seeker position before asking me or letting me see him play sorry guys’

I’m literally watching that scene right now and now I can’t stop laughing

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Happy graduation!!! Had fun playing my flute for you. I know that whatever you’ll end up doing, you will give it your all, and you won’t settle for anything less. :)
Very red and sore… worth it! :) (at Umsl Baseball Field)
A day filled with finals, recitals, and Loop adventures. :)  (at Blueberry Hill)